Cooling Waters 

In this area Celko Chemical has developed a complete line of multi-component products which are formulated according to the widespread demand of the market. They work through an appropriate and synergistic combination of various actives such as corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, dispersing agents, microbicides, ... . more»


Fume washing systems
Celkard S511
Celkard S513
Celkard S514 
Treatments "on line"
Celklean P590
Celklean P591
Celklean P593 
Closed systems
Celkorr C580
Celkorr C581
Celkorr C582 

Recirculating cooling waters
Celkerse X690
Celkerse X693
Celkerse X694
Celkide X697

Recirculating cooling waters
Celkide K652
Celkide K655
Celkide K656
Celkide K657
Celkide K660
Celkide K663
Celkide K665
Celkide K667 
Open recirculating systems
Celkard R521
Celkard R522
Celkorr C534
Celkron T548
Celkron T554
Celkron T557
Celkron T561 
"Once through" systems
Celkard S515
Celkard S516
Celkard S517
Celkard S519 




Water Desalination

Specific chemicals have been developed to:

  • control organic and inorganic fouling
  • prevent the corrosion
  • solve all the cleaning problems in both sea water evaporators (MFS) or reverse osmosis (RO) systems.



Reverse osmosis
Celkerse D403
Celkerse D404
Celkerse D405
Celkerse D406
Celklean D420
Celklean D423

MSF water evaporators
Celkard D435
Celkard D436
Celkorr D458
Celkroth D130


Primary and Waste Waters

To solve to the problems of primary and waste waters depuration, both for municipal and industrial uses, Celko offers a complete set of products comprising:

  • Anionic, cationic and non-ionic polyelectrolites.
  • Primary flocculants, anti-foams Processing aids



Water clarification
Celklar F850A
Celklar F857A
Celklar F860A
Celklar F865A
Celklar F842N
Celklar F843N
Celklar F880C
Celklar F8887C
Celklar F892C
Celklar F896C
Celklar E670
Celklar E673
Celkroth E121
Celkroth E125
Air pollution

Celkoat E680

Pollution by oils
Celklean E390
Celklean E393




Industrial Chemical Cleanings

To solve all problems of industrial cleanings, Celko has developed a complete line of products for both the industrial equipments and circuits.

The broad range of products available (complexing agents, inhibited acids, alkali, surfactants, solvents) can be applied in a wide variety of systems, such as:

  • Boilers
  • Water, steam and oil circuits
  • Heat exchangers, distillation towers
  • Ion exchange resins


Water clarification.....................

Celklean A302
Celklean A306
Celklean A311
Celklean A315
Celkorr A320 
Celkorr A325
Celklean B331
Celklean B340
Celklean S373
Celklean S379 



Steam / Water Thermal Cycles

The chemical conditioning of steam/water cycles in professional and industrial power stations, is faced with a number of innovative products specifically developed at Celko Chemical. The Company has introduced new and more efficient formulations that have replaced the classical conditioning agents (hydrazine, sulphite, phosphate, homopolymers, etc); they provide improved efficiency and, more importantly, are safer to handle. more»

Low and medium pressure systems
Celkard B710
Celkard B712
Celkerse B715
Celnox B720
Celnox B721
Celnox B722
Celnox B724
Celnox B727
Celnox V730
Celnox V750 

Medium and high pressure systems
Celkorr V751
Celkroth B112
Celkroth B115
Celkorr V752
Celnox V753
Celnox V754
Celnox V771
Celnox V772
Celnox V773
Celnox V774
Celnox V775
Special products
Celnox B730x
Celnox B740x



A line of Celko products is specifically devoted to the solution of the operative and environmental problems related to the combustion process of heavy fuel oils and coals.
These chemicals include pre-flame additives and combustion additives and find application in:

  • preventing sludge formation and corrosion in fuel circuits
  • improving the atomization of heavy fuel oils
  • catalyzing combustion processes
  • preventing the corrosion from melting salts and from acid condensation
  • minimizing deposits formation
  • increasing boiler efficiency
  • reducing the impact of the emissions on the environment
  • reducing maintenance costs


Chemical treatment of

combustion process
Celken K233
Celken K235
Celken K240
Celken K241
Celken K250
Celken K253
Celken K260

Pre-flame fuel oil treatments

Celken K202
Celken K204
Celken K213
Celken K215

Combustion catalysis
Celken K220
Celken K223



Sugar-mill Processes

Besides chemicals for general use in services already indicated in other catalogues, Celko Chemical offers a specific line of chemicals for sugar production process. more»


Celkerse Z431

Celkerse Z432
Celkerse Z433
Celkide Z630
Celkleav Z632
Celkleav Z633
Celkleav Z635
Celkleav Z636
Celkleav Z638
Celkleav Z639
Celkroth Z141
Celkroth Z143


Paper-mill Processes

Besides chemicals for general use in services already indicated in other catalogues, Celko Chemical offers a specific line of chemicals for paper mill process: more»


Celkerse P473

Celkerse P478
Celkide P611
Celkide P615
Celkide P617
Celkide P618
Celkide P619
Celkroth P160
Celkroth P163



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